Spring is coming and we are so excited about it. Warm weather also makes people ready for spring cleaning. You know, those things that maybe you wanted to do over the winter to glam up your home a bit but the weather may have got in the way.

So what are you excited to work on this year? Here are some projects to keep at the top of your list!

Common Spring Home-Improvement Projects

  1. Siding

Its a big project but with huge rewards. Not only could your house be repaired from previous damage due to old and worn out siding, but aesthetically speaking, this bring MAJOR curb appeal and helps with resale value. Just take a look at these pictures from a house we worked on.

BEFORE                                                           AFTER


  1. Exterior Paint

Maybe your looking for some touch ups or a full makeover but re-painting your home’s exterior could give your house that pop of fresh color that it needs to stand out again on your street.

  1. Lawn Design


  1. Building/Remodeling your Deck
  1. Roofing
  1. Gutter Maintenance
  1. Powerwash