1. 4 forms that winter weather can affect your roof

    Roof damage can occur at any time of year, we know that, but winter weather can be especially harsh on a house’s roof and it’s almost never a good idea to simply wait for spring before addressing the issues that the presence of snow and ice on your roof can cause.  In most cases, winter wea…Read More

  2. Two exterior changes that will improve the longevity of your home

    With the winter around the corner, homeowners are looking to make changes to add to the overall value and improve the longevity of their homes. From gutter systems to roofing, clients are often overwhelmed with where to start in their home improvement plan. But updates can be vital, especially if ro…Read More

  3. 5 signs you’re home is ready for New Siding

    Below we will list a few things that can tell you that your home is ready for a New Siding. 1) Cracked or rotting siding If you find siding cracks and rotting, take deeper look to see what’s going on. Poke under the siding to see how solid the layer beneath is. If it is soft or you discover more r…Read More

  4. 🍂 Fall, the perfect weather for Roof Projects

    As the fall weather gives much cooler temperatures, you may be looking for some Home Improvement projects to finish before winter comes. One of the projects that are perfect for this time of the year and you can start working on right away is: Repairing or Replacing your roof. Let’s face it, winte…Read More

  5. Did you know that CertainTeed has 🌱 green 🌱 Vinyl Siding?

    Yeah, it’s true story! It has long been a challenge in the building community to identify a cladding product that can be recycled.Vinyl siding is the only cladding product that can be recycled multiple times into new vinyl siding!In response to market demand for a sustainable vinyl siding product,…Read More

  6. Fiber Cement Siding x Vinyl Siding

    Let’s talk about the 2 most used type of sidings. What is Fiber Cement? It is a blend of cellulose fibers, sand and cement. When it’s manufactured for siding, it resembles natural materials like wood and stone. Often called “hardiplank” or even “hardie board”, named from the most popula…Read More

  7. Talking about Vinyl Siding costs

    If you do a quick Google search you’ll find lots of calculators that will let you estimate the cost of installing or replacing your vinyl siding. The formulas are based on square footage and number of floors, but when it comes to the cost of vinyl siding, more than those items comes into play. Her…Read More

  8. 2 myths about roof maintenance you should know about

    Here are 2 myths about roof maintenance that you should know: MYTH #1: Modern roofs are maintenance-free That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But, the roof industry isn’t there yet. Recent advances in materials and application technology have certainly made roofs more efficient and durable, but not …Read More

  9. The Benefits of Hiring a Professionally Certified Contractor

    We understand how much work is put into purchasing your Dream home. Whether we are talking about an investment property or the home were you plan to spend many years of your life or perhaps your entire life and your family’s, Building a “Home” is no easy task. But most importantly, we understa…Read More